House Oversight & Judiciary Committee chairmen make official request for Hillary perjury investigation

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Tuesday July 12th, 2016

It ain't over yet... 

Hillary Clinton is a liar.

That's not news, of course. Her many decades in politics have amounted to little more than one long exercise in bending the truth, hiding the truth, altering the truth, and denying the truth. When that didn't work, she'd invent outright lies, peddle them to the public, then defend them like a mother bear protects her cubs.

If you need evidence of this (and at this point you shouldn't) just google "Hillary YouTube video" or watch the following clip:

It's the litany of falsehoods contained in that video that may represent the latest problem for Bill Clinton's achievement-free wife.

If you watched the House Oversight Committee question FBI Director James Comey, you know that he did a poor job of defending his decision not to recommend charges be brought against Hillary Clinton.  You also know that he positively laid waste to her many claims and left the door wide open for a perjury investigation.

When Comey said that no request for such an inquiry had been made, Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz told him "You'll have one in a few hours."

Well, if took more than a few hours, but Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Rep. Bob Goodlatte (Judiciary Committee Chairman) have delivered the official request.

Here's the letter, via PBS:

House Oversight & Judiciary Committee chairmen make official request for Hillary perjury investigation

Democrat pit bull Elijah Cummings is already lashing out at the request, calling it an example of Republicans "unloading" on the poor, defenseless, and ultimately righteous former First Lady.

If we hadn't already abandoned the rule of law, I'd argue that this investigation had more teeth than the email inquiry, simply because Comey has already acknowledged Hillary's pattern of behavior and lies. However, things being what they are, we're sure she'll manage to wriggle out of any potential criminal consequences.

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