Newly released e-mails: Hillary's own staff mocked her choice of a big donor to high-level security board

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Sunday June 26th, 2016

His only qualification was giving lots of money to the Clinton Foundation.

A few weeks ago, ABC broke the story of Raj Fernando, a big-money donor to the Clinton Foundation - as well as past campaigns of both Obama and Hillary - and how he managed to land a spot on the prestigious International Security Advisory Board. That's a board generally populated by former generals, governors and top diplomats, who advise the Secretary of State on international security matters. Lots of eyebrows were raised when a securities trader with no background in any of this was introduced as a new member the board, complete with the high-level security clearance that came with the appointment.

Who is this guy? That was the general reaction when ISAB members were told Fernando would be joining them.

Well, it turned out Fernando had no real qualification for ISAB membership save for one: His status as a big Clinton donor. That gets you rewarded in ClintonWorld, which cares much more about taking care of its political patrons than about anything else.

But wait: It gets better. Per e-mails provided to McClatchy by Citizens United, even Hillary's cronies knew what a joke this appointment was, and openly mocked it:

A top aide to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared to mock the appointment of a major Democratic donor with little experience to a sensitive government intelligence board allowing him the highest levels of top secret access.

Rajiv Fernando, who contributed to Clinton, her family’s foundation and Barack Obama, was named to the International Security Advisory Board in 2011, though he resigned days later after his appointment was questioned.

“Couldn’t he have landed a spot on the President’s Physical Fitness Council?” Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Philippe Reines wrote in a State Department email in 2012 to two other Clinton aides.

In addition to Fernando himself having no business on the ISAB, his appointment also caused lots of extra work for other staffers, who not only had to scramble to get approval for his security clearance but also ended up spending a lot of time dealing with unwelcome media questions about what this guy was doing on such an important and sensitive board.

So why would Hillary put someone so completely unqualified in such an important position? Because this is what Hillary does. She sells access and influence for cash. If you want her to do something for you, a $250,000 speaking fee will start the discussion. If you want a prestigious appointment, a $5 million check payable to the Clinton Foundation will do nicely.

Oh, and access to highly sensitive classified information? Why would Hillary be concerned about that? It was all flowing through her schlock, homebrew e-mail server anyway. Guccifer 2.0 could see everything. So could the Russians. Why would anyone be concerned about the president and CEO of Chopper Trading?

This is how Hillary operates. Always has. Always will. Put her in the White House and all high-level decisions will be made this way, because this is who she is. Everything will be for sale, and no action on behalf of a political patron will be too blatant. It continues to astound me that the people who think a Donald Trump presidency would be the end of the republic see this woman as some sort of responsible alternative. She is the worst of the worst. And the evidence of this is not even a secret. Everyone knows it. It's just that not everyone is being honest with themselves about just how bad all of this really is.

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