Hillary will decide what you pay for child care

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Wednesday May 11th, 2016


Remember this: When you pay full price for something using your own money, you are the boss. When you rely on someone else to cover your costs, that someone else is your boss. So if you want your child care costs capped at 10 percent of your income, with the federal government picking up the rest, get ready for a new "partner" to help you make every conceivable decision, from who will provide the care to how much and under what circumstance you can utilize it.

Hillary's prize is, and always has been, power:

Democrat Hillary Clinton is proposing a new initiative to limit child care costs to 10% of a family’s income, her latest effort to court votes from women – particularly the suburban moms where the campaign sees an opening.

She plans to announce the idea on Tuesday at a family health center in Louisville, where the campaign is working to turn out votes for next week’s Democratic primary.

The campaign did not offer details about how it would cap child care costs, how much the program would cost, or how it would be paid for, though an aide said it would involve “substantial” direct federal spending mixed with new tax breaks aimed at middle class families.

At an earlier Tuesday event in Lexington, Ky., she previewed the new initiative, saying “no family should have to pay more than 10% of their income for child care.”

I wonder what Hillary would think of this statement: No family should have to pay more than 10 percent of their income for taxes.

Yeah. I know.

When politicians start setting arbitrary limits on what people can pay out of pocket for something, you should know the effects because we've already seen them with health care. Providers start jacking the costs because the consumers don't feel the increase. Demand soars because everyone's exposure to costs is limited. The government also limits what providers can earn in profits as a way of limiting its own costs, thus creating shortages in availability of the service.

Oh, and taxpayers? Get ready. Julia Glum of International Business Times estimate this will cost well over $200 billion a year. That's brand new federal spending on top of the already-soaring deficit projections for the coming years. Hillary's panders are expensive, but it's not as if she's buying your votes with her own money. Goodness no . . . nobody touches that. That's what she has the Clinton Foundation and the $200,000 speech for. In every way possible, your money is destined to become her money.

By the way, I do not need to minimize the challenge of child care costs. But your challenge is to find a way to make it work without expecting everyone else to pay for it for you. Believe me, you are much better off doing that than relying on this woman for it - because that puts her in charge. That's the very thing we're trying to avoid for the whole country.

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