Hillary: 'We have laws in our country' and Trump puts his 'personal business interests' ahead of the nation's

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday September 30th, 2016

Untrammeled hubris.

This week, Newsweek accused a company controlled by Donald Trump of either doing, or attempting to do, business in Fidel Castro's communist Cuba. The story is still shaking out and, so far, Trump's campaign has not commented. I won't sugar coat it.  If it's true, it's going to be a problem for the Donald.

However, the fact that Hillary Clinton has decided to pounce on the story is absolutely laughable.  Check out this clip, where she accuses Donald Trump of being a scofflaw who puts his private financial concerns ahead of the nation's welfare.

That's right. She basically accuses him of being just like Hillary Clinton:

I have to give her credit on this one.  How she got through that with a straight face is beyond me.  The fact that she was able to get in front of a camera and run through that spiel - without breaking down into fits of Wicked Witch of the West-style cackling - is truly impressive.

I mean, imagine the staggering arrogance at play here.

First of all, Hillary and her cronies have been trying to get rid of the embargo for decades.  They don't admit it, but we know all too well that they view the monstrous Castro regime as some kind of David-like hero who stands and thumbs his nose at the United States Goliath. If any business entity which didn't stand in opposition to Hillary's ascension had done what Trump is accused of, she wouldn't bat an eye.  In fact, she'd probably quietly congratulate them for being so forward-thinking.

More importantly, Hillary has violated the "laws in our country" over and over again. She and her allies have been protected by an obviously corrupt FBI and DOJ which granted immunity to anyone and everyone who could possibly harm her. I won't even bother with the laundry list of other Clinton legal transgressions, because it would take all day to list them all.

Then there's the Clinton Foundation.  If you're running a global slush fund that's the cornerstone of a pay-for-access scheme while you're the Secretary of State, you should probably refrain from accusing others of putting their financial interests ahead of the nation's.  ...And that's just one such scandal in a 30-year history of shady money-making schemes.

The level of untrammeled hubris it takes for a creature like Hillary Clinton to make this kind of statement is simply stunning. 

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