Here's some good news the networks won't tell you

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Published by: Herman Cain on Monday October 09th, 2017

The things that actually matter are looking up.

When 92 percent of the nightly coverage of the president on ABC, CBS and NBC is negative (as documented by the Media Research Center), it's no surprise that so many people can only see this president and the nation in a negative light. Even worse, these same people are buying into the false narratives that this president is racist, volatile, incompetent and should be impeached.

We may not always agree with his choice of words or phrasing, but none of the labels are true. I'm not going to waste space or your time refuting these false narratives, because most of us depend on other news sources for the truth. This site and my radio show are just a couple.

So-called reporters wait for every opportunity for the president to say a word they do not like, a phrase they can spin into a headline they want for sensationalization purposes, or a decision he makes that they will never agree with anyway. The result is a constant tilt of negativity that sucks positive energy out of people.

One of the latest liberal media meltdowns was when the president said in the presence of some of his national security advisors, "It's the calm before the storm." Reporters wanted to know immediately what that meant! When he would not say they were incensed, and the speculation derby began.

I've mentioned this attack mentality many times as Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Pete Hegstra of Fox News recently said that when the liberal media should hear what the president says literally, they take him figuratively. When the liberal media should hear him figuratively, they take his words literally. The result again is a plethora of negative leaning news.

Here's some positive news! 

The response to natural and unnatural disasters by federal, state and local authorities, along with our nation's disaster relief agencies, has been well coordinated in helping people to rebuild and restart their lives. Yes, it's going to take time, but these resources are quickly giving people hope.

We have all experienced, emotionally, a series of unprecedented disasters and tragedies in a short period of time. But it has never failed that bad things bring out the best in most of us to help other people. That’s one of the greatest positives we all share.

The major stock market indices hit new all-time record highs last week again! The business community continues to be positive about the outlook for our economy. It's due to the rollback of many egregious regulations by this administration, with more to come.

The business community is also still cautiously optimistic that we will get some form of tax cuts and simplification. That would mean even more business growth, jobs and careers. But ABC, CBS and NBC don't want you to know about it.

Our military is rapidly improving its readiness, with its leadership from the president on down projecting a sense of strength and cohesiveness we have not seen in many years. Maybe that's why some of the taunting and saber rattling by countries like Iran and North Korea has subsided, if only for a moment.

The lens of the media would have us believe that our nation's strengths revolve around the political rhetoric that constantly swirls around in Washington, D.C. Bold solutions to big issues such as repeal-and-replace of ObamCare, along with tax cuts and simplification, quickly become mired in politics and process until they throw us some crumbs and claim political victory.

Our nation's strengths continue to be shown in the strength and resolve of its people, the resiliency of our business community, and the readiness of our military to protect the land of the free, not the land of free stuff!

Maybe that's why ABC, CBS and NBC are so negative.

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