Here's how to let the president know you have his back

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Published by: Herman Cain on Friday May 19th, 2017

Do it.

President Trump is under siege. You've already figured that out. Whether it's from the news media, congressional Democrats, congressional Republicans (!) or disloyal members of his own administration leaking to the press, it's clear the Beltway establishment is determined to take him down.

He is trying to solve the very real problems this country faces. They don't want to let him do that. All these firestorms are endangering a very strong agenda that the country needs to see implemented, forcing the White House to deal on a daily basis with the latest bombshell, and to try to figure out who is right under their noses leaking like a faucet to the hostile press while hiding behind their anonymity.

That's bad, but I think the worst part might be this: When you're under siege like this, you can start wondering if anyone really has your back. To read the news every day, you'd think no one supports the president. His approval ratings are not good, but that's more a reflection of the overall chaos going on than a reflection of the actual governing he's trying to do. Most people don't even know what that consists of. What they're disapproving of is the general sense that everything is nuts in Washington.

But there's very little in the public consciousness these days to encourage President Trump, and that's why we need to let him know we have his back. So I want to ask you to do me a favor: The White House has a comment line. The number is 202.456.1111. Call this number and leave a comment letting President Trump know you've got his back.

Every call I get on the radio show suggests that the people have his back, but how will he know that if we don't tell him directly? The Deplorables are ready to fight back on the president's behalf.

The Democrats get away with the things they say about Trump because they have the liberal media to help them get their message out. Our side has to tell the president directly that we're behind him. So let's do that.

Here's my appearance on Hannity last night talking about this very thing.

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