Help pay for an abortion, get this stylish coat hanger pendant absolutely free!

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Wednesday March 19th, 2014

Stylish and tasteful.  

Gentlemen, are you searching for that perfect birthday or anniversary gift? Do you wander around the mall and say to yourself "diamonds are ok, but I'm uncomfortable with their impact on Africa, and they spotlight income inequality." Well, if this sounds like you, look no further.  We have the perfect thing. Tell that special someone just how much you love them with a stylish, tasteful, and not-at-all-horrifying coat hanger abortion pendant.

Offered by the D.C. Abortion Fund (DCAF), this "beautiful" coat hanger necklace can be yours for a donation of only $10 a month. The money will be added to a pool and used to kill the unborn infants of disadvantaged women in the Washington D.C. metropolitain area who can't cover the costs on their own.

As the DCAF website (which we won't link) puts it, "Our monthly sustainer program enables us to plan our case management budgets more effectively. Monthly sustainers of $10 a month or more can request a coat hanger pendant as a token of our pro-choice thanks!" 

Isn't that lovely?

These stunning pieces surely represent the highest quality miniature coat hangers available, and are going to be a hit everywhere she goes. Whether she's attending a "womyn's festival," a "womyn's studies class," or a "womyn's poetry slam," don't let her be the only one to arrive without one! 

If you want to tell your loved one that you care enough to murder babies for them, make sure to get her a coat hanger pendant today.


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Update: I first heard about this via Twitter, but here is the story over at The National Review Online

Help pay for an abortion, get this stylish coat hanger pendant absolutely free!