Groan: NRA promises 'significant contributions to make sure this never happens again'

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Friday December 21st, 2012

By DAN CALABRESE - Platitudes.

Just saw this on the crawl on Fox News, which is on here at the car dealership where I'm waiting on some maintenance. Yeah, the NRA is going to do whatever to "make sure this never happens again."

The presser is still an hour or so away, so we'll have to see exactly what that's supposed to mean, but for crying out loud: No one on this Earth has the power to "make sure this never happens again," and while I certainly understand the interest in strengthening protections against it if they can actually make a difference, and if they don't cause bigger problems than they solve, can we kindly dispense with the soaring rhetoric that pretends we can take some sort of game-changing action that will somehow stop the most deranged among us from doing the most deranged things?

I believe it's beyond dispute that this will happen again. It's the nature of the world. But even if it doesn't ever happen again, there's no way we can be sure.

I get that the NRA is under all kinds of public heat, and I suppose they want to make the strongest possible statement that against the mass murder of children, but I get really tired of the conceit that leads to meaningless platitudes like this.