Get ready for Congresswoman Liz Cheney

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Wednesday August 17th, 2016

Wyoming voters strangely disinterested in what Rand Paul wants them to do.

You already know that Dick Cheney is Darth Vader in the eyes of the surrender caucus on the left. You may not be as familiar with the disdain libertarians feel for the best vice president in American history. This is the isolationist strain in libertarians, and they can't stand the fact that Cheney was an interventionst who believed you prevent terrorist attacks by taking the fight to the enemy.

Now, Dick Cheney is long since retired and not coming back to politics. But his daughter Liz is in her 40s and is every bit as clear-minded and eloquent as her dad. So when she ventured to run for her dad's old seat as Wyoming's at-large member of the House, libertarians led by Sen. Rand Paul went all out to defeat her.

The results came in last night, and as usually happens, the libertarians got wiped out:

In the last election cycle, Cheney mounted an audacious challenge to incumbent U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi. Many prominent Wyoming Republicans accused her of being a "carpetbagger" for running against the state's senior senator when she had only recently moved to Wyoming from Virginia. She quickly dropped out of the race.

Now more seasoned, Cheney is undertaking the considerably less daunting task of running for an open seat.

Cheney, a former Fox News commentator and State Department official, is emphasizing in her current campaign that she wants to represent Wyoming to fight against Washington overreach, particularly against federal regulation of the state's sagging coal industry. And echoing her father's criticism, she's been vocal in attacking President Barack Obama for actions she says have undermined national security.

I for one am thrilled at the prospect of Liz Cheney joining the Congress. She is smart and fearless, and she will not allow the perpetrators of nonsense to get away with it without shining the spotlight on them and telling the truth about the things they do.

Wyoming is going to be represented by a basically conservative Republican no matter what, so the impact is not so much in House votes. It's in the effectiveness of the voice you're adding to the Republican caucus. Liz Cheney believes in a strong America that's willing to exercise global leadershp - and that's something in far too short supply as Democrats oppose it and Republicans run for it out of fear that it's not in vogue politically.

It may not be, which is all the more reason we need principled leaders who are guided by what's right and not by what's popular.

Liz Cheney will be a terror to Democrats, not to mention to America's enemies. If that also bothers libertarians, well. they should take stock of exactly whose side they're on.

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