Geriatric socialists relive their 60's radical glory days via well-catered anti-civil rights sit in

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday June 23rd, 2016

It's all about wedge-issues and fundraising.

Before we start talking about the left-wing hissy fit unfolding in the House of Representatives, you need to keep something in mind. This is an election year. Democrats need four things:  

  1. They need to further their 100 year old agenda of banning guns.
  2. They need to blame guns for their failure to deal with radical Islam.
  3. They need a 2016 wedge issue.
  4. They need - desperately - a massive pile of the political cash they claim to hate.

Everything they say or do should be filtered through that prism, because their "historic" sit-in is, with 100% certainty, about those four bullet points.

So, with that in mind; last night a bunch of millionaire socialists decided to sit on the floor in an effort to thwart due process. They claim that their only goal is to ensure that people on the no-fly list can't buy guns.  That's simply not true and anyone who's been paying attention knows it.  They desire nothing less than the elimination of private firearm ownership, and they see this as a way get their foot in the door.

Even if their intentions were sincere, the idea of stripping people of their rights based on a secretive government list is still asinine, unconstitutional, and ultimately worthless since it fails to solve the problem.

However much they may be loathe to admit it, firearm ownership is a civil right.  They hate that fact, and that's fine. They have every right to hold that opinion. If they believe it strongly enough, and feel that their constituents agree with them, they're free to repeal the 2nd Amendment.  However, the idea that due process should be contingent upon avoiding placement on a list generated by the powerful and connected is absolutely anathema to the very concept of American liberty.

Basically, these geriatric socialists are reliving their late 1960's glory days by protesting against your civil rights.  Only this time, they're having the whole thing catered, they're sitting on comfy pillows, and they're handing out goodies.

Geriatric socialists relive their 60's radical glory days via well-catered anti-civil rights sit inGeriatric socialists relive their 60's radical glory days via well-catered anti-civil rights sit inGeriatric socialists relive their 60's radical glory days via well-catered anti-civil rights sit in

By the way, it's not just the 2nd Amendment they're targeting. Their little tantrum is directed squarely at the protections guaranteed by the 5th and 14th Amendments as well.

It doesn't matter if you should be on the list or you landed their erroneously, either. Democrats like Ted Kennedy and current sit-in superstar John Lewis both found themselves wrongfully subjected to harassment due to their names, or similar aliases, appearing on the list. Journalist Stephen Hayes was on there too. Clearly, the left simply doesn't care. Bureaucrats made a secret list and, by God, they're going to use it to enact gun control.

Since we know these people really don't care about anything but their own affluent skins, you have to look past "public safety" to determine their motive. The first, and most obvious, is that they've waged a hundred year war against the 2nd Amendment, and they've failed spectacularly. They still salivate for its elimination, so the fight goes on indefinitely.

Their more immediate goals have to do with the 2016 election. Clearly, Democrats are hoping to deflect attention away from 8 years of failure when it comes to dealing with terrorism and radical Islam. They promise they'll protect you once you surrender your right to bear arms, but their track record in this area, both foreign and domestic, is absolutely abysmal. So, they blame guns in the hope that people will hop on board the crazy train and join them in their efforts to ignore motive. It's a solid wedge issue that will rile up their base and possibly even excite the deeply disinterested millennials that Hillary can't seem to woo.

Also, it gives them a way to rake in some of that filthy lucre they just love to hate. Check out this ridiculous missive from Nancy Pelosi:

So, to sum up, these people are here to dismantle your civil rights.  They demand that you praise their historic endeavor, vote for them, and pay them for their efforts. In return, they'll neuter you, and they'll fail - time and time again - to protect you while they offer your assailants all the assistance and support you've been denied.

These people aren't heroes, they don't care about you in the least, and the only thing historic about their sit-in is the sheer scope of its nature as a grotesque and ghoulish cash-in.

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