Fran Tarkenton: What the hell is going on here?

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Friday July 22nd, 2016

"I've known Donald Trump for 48 years . . . he gets stuff done."

Bittersweet day for us Vikings fans. We lost Denny Green this morning, and that's hit me hard. Denny was boisterous and sometimes he was his own worst enemy, but he took the Vikings to heights they have rarely seen in the post-Bud Grant era, and he wasn't afraid to be bold and audacious in the way he coached the team or called a game. I loved him for that.

That's the bitter. The sweet? Well that's Fran Tarkenton who spoke last night at the RNC. Just hearing "Skol Vikings" at a Republican convention would have been more than enough for me, but he did not stop there. Tarkenton made good money in 18 years as an NFL quarterback, but he came before the really big money, so he's worked hard since his retirement as an entrepreneur, and he's still working hard today in his 70s.

And he's really effective here when he invokes the coach's perspective (although I could have done with an example other than Vince Lombardi . . . oh well) of looking at the overall situation and asking, "What the hell is going on here?" That's pretty much the state of our nation under Obama, and what we'd get more of under Clinton. And the case he makes for Trump as the guy to fix it is pretty convincing too:

Tarkenton really hits on something that I don't think most people realize: This nation is filled with people who would be more than happy to take the risk of starting their own business. Some would make it and some wouldn't, but this group contains a great many people who have tremendous potential for creating valuable good and services, not to mention jobs. And most of the time, the government makes it harder - not easier - for them to do it. I'm not only talking about licensing and regulation. I'm also talking about laws like Dodd-Frank that make it more difficult for these budding entrepreneurs to get access to credit, or even ObamaCare, which discourages a small business from growing beyond 50 employees because of the massive cost that's added on when they do.

Get rid of those barriers and turn people loose to pursue their dreams, and you'll see a tremendous amount of wealth and activity coming from the bottom up - just like liberals claim they always want to see. Trump gets criticized a lot for now knowing details about policy, but he probably knows more than anyone who has ever run for president about how one starts and grows a business. And as Tarkenton indicates, Trump understands exactly how the government makes it harder for people to do that.

Nice speech, Fran! If you feel like checking out the new stadium this year, Tony and I will be at the game on October 9 against the Texans. I wouldn't mind seeing my very first football hero when we get there.

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