Foreign investors flocking to UK as Brexit implementation nears

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Friday September 02nd, 2016

Quitting the EU gets rid of a lot of bureaucrats, and not much else.

You probably figured that by this point, the UK would no longer even exist, right? Quitting the EU would bring about economic disaster so swift and severe that all of Great Britain would simply tip over and fall into the sea, ending up like Atlantis or one of those shipwrecks where divers go and plunder the jewels hundreds of years later.

That's the level of the carnage that politicians and journalists led us to believe was forthcoming when British voters chose to exit the EU. And supposedly it would start with foreign investment, which would no longer have confidence in the British economy, banking system or government.

Yeah, about that . . .

The latest figures provide evidence that Britain looks set to thrive outside the bureaucratic Brussels bloc.

The Government said 2,213 inward investment projects were secured in 2015-16 – a staggering 11 per cent increase from the previous year.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox boasted that Britain remains the "number one destination in Europe for investment".

He said: “We’ve broadened our reach with emerging markets across the world to cement our position as the number one destination in Europe for investment.

“This continued vote of confidence in the UK will help attract foreign investment to create jobs, security and opportunities for people across the UK.”

Dr Fox also revealed the inward investment secured in the last financial year have created or protected at least 116,000 jobs – the second highest figure on record.

Well this is simply amazing. Don't consumers and investors know that they should be operating in nations that submit themselves to the rules of transnational institutions? Of course, consumers and investors care about no such thing. They want their money where they can find goods they need, and where there are projects worth funding because they promise a return on investment.

The fundamental underpinnings of the British economy are strong, and that's not going to change because it's no longer part of the EU. If anything, it will become stronger because the British government will now be free to set its on rules on matters like immigration - an issue on which it was hamstrung by EU rules and regulations.

Those post-Brexit freakout was not really driven by a rational fear of what would happen to Britain's economy. No one really had any substantive reason to believe that would be a problem. It was all about the transnational left's horror at having one of its cherished institutions rejected. And that happened for a simple reason: The EU was not serving the interests of normal people in Britain, and political and media elites did not have enough influence to convince them it was important for them to stay in.

And as it turns out, it wasn't. Britain is thriving and in time it will probably find itself in a much stronger economic position than its European neighbors who continue to labor in the EU. The people made a good decision, despite the howling of the elites that it would be the end of the world.

Maybe U.S. voters will learn something from that before November.

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