Erika Harold and Illinois's working class patriots

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Published by: Herman Cain on Sunday February 02nd, 2014

The establishment's nightmare.

Erika Harold is running for Congress in Illinois's 13th District. She is challenging a first-term Republican incumbent who many district voters say he has been a RINO (Republican In Name Only). How do I know this? Many of them told me directly when I attended and spoke at two events in support of Erika Harold last weekend.

Several things struck me from the comments I received from the 50 or so attendees at the first event, and the 100 attendees at the subsequent event in Edwardsville, Illinois. Though the numbers seem small, the enthusiasm and passion was loud and clear! They reminded me of Gideon's Army in the Bible.

First, they are disgusted with the political class, ObamaCare, and the Obama Administration. That's the same sentiment expressed daily by callers to my syndicated radio show, and the attendees expressed it with thunderous applause! Of course, we get the occasional irrational Obama defender on the radio show, but they fail to make a convincing argument against constructive and factual critiques, and they certainly did not attend these events.

Admittedly, my presence may have helped to boost attendance on a cold rainy Friday evening and an equally cold and rainy Saturday morning, but it was clear they had already made up their minds to support Erika Harold.

My role was to help inspire the attendees to believe that we can still take our government back from the political class, and that an anti-establishment candidate as capable as Erika could win with their help.

Secondly, all of the attendees were working class, Tea Party, liberty-loving patriots. In fact, I don't recall one elected official at any level of government in attendance. Does that sound like a snub by the establishment? You bet you daddy's britches it does!

The establishment has also gone so far as to directly discourage known Republican donors from contributing to her campaign. Many donors who will not be intimidated have helped her anyway, but obviously she needs more help no matter how large or small.

One has to ask, why wouldn't the Republican Party want to elect a constitutional conservative, Harvard law graduate (2007), practicing constitutional attorney, highly articulate patriot, who just happens to be a former Miss America (2003)?

Maybe it's for the same reasons some people did not want an anti-establishment, black conservative Republican presidential candidate in 2012. Those kinds of candidates tend to challenge politics as usual and the political class.

Attendees at those events represent working class, freedom-loving patriots all over this country who have not given up on changing the direction of our nation. And it begins with changing some of the people we elect to Congress.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is quoted as saying, "Our lives begin to end when we remain silent about things that matter."

Erika Harold and the working class patriots are making some noise in Illinois.