Epic video features scores of politicians, celebrities, media figures claiming Trump hasn't paid taxes in 20 years

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday March 17th, 2017

Wrong wrong wrong wrong....


When Democrats are wrong, they're really, really, spectacularly, wrong.

Take a look at this Supercut, compiled by the fine folks at the Washington Free Beacon, that features a chorus of media figures, talk show hosts, celebrities, and politicians, all claiming that Trump hasn't paid taxes in a couple of decades.  Thanks to the crack reporting of the Rachel Maddow show, we now know - with 100% certainty - that each and every one of the people in this video are wrong.

I'm sure all of those people are simply thrilled to know that MSNBC did everything it could to expose them as the abject, know-nothing, dullards that they always were.

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