This epic supercut of Democrats proving they know nothing about firearms is absolutely hilarious

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday March 05th, 2018

Embarrassing themselves, for you!

There are a few prominent Democrats - leaders in the gun control movement - that know precious little about firearms. Sadly, those are the lucky ones. The rest know absolutely nothing and never miss an opportunity to put their ignorance on display.

 These are the folks who run around, babbling about "high magazine clips," how it's legal to hunt humans with "full semi-automatic" rifles, and the ease of purchasing AR-15 chainsaw grenade launchers. There's no anti-gun position too ridiculous, no wrongheaded claim too outlandish, no mythical weapon too terrifying. They will say anything if they think it will scare someone into being sympathetic to their crusade.

....And, because they have a tendency to worship the media, they love to say all these ridiculous things in front of a camera.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a new Supercut from the fine people at the Free Beacon

We think you'll enjoy it...

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