During briefing, AP's Matt Lee accuses Obama admin of living in a foreign policy fantasyland

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday January 07th, 2016

Cringe worthy.

According to the Obama administration, the President finds the idea of a nuclear Iran "unacceptable." He won't tolerate a nuclear North Korea, either.  He's decimated Al Qaeda, contained ISIS, fostered peace and freedom throughout the Middle East, and has our southern border under control.  ...And none of it is true.  In fact, the world of today is pretty much the exact opposite of those claims.

North Korea is nuclear, Obama and Kerry placed Iran on a path to the bomb, Al Qaeda is still functional, ISIS is getting stronger, the rest of the Middle East is spiraling out of control, and our borders are as porous as ever.

So, during a recent State Department briefing, the AP's Matt Lee decided to ask the administration about the foreign policy "fantasyland" in which it lives. The answer is painful to watch, and is born from a level of denial worthy of the Iraqi information minister.  If you listen closely, you can actually hear State Department spokesman John Kirby argue that "no" he doesn't have to "accept reality."


Watch and be amazed.  ...Or horrified.  

Is this a good time to point out the fact that, if a Bush administration official had given this response, it would be the lead on every major newscast?  I figure we can bring him up since Obama still likes to blame him for everything.

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