Dude claiming to 'identify as female' arrested for taking pictures of real women in Target dressing room

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Wednesday July 13th, 2016

Weren't we assured this would not happen?

Relax, you paranoid bigots! Nothing bad will happen as a result of this!

That was basically the message from Target and its highly arrogant CEO, Brian Cornell, when people expressed opposition to the company's decision to let everyone use the restrooms and dressing rooms their "correspond to their gender identity". The "transgendered" are just women living in men's bodies. They are not suffering from any disorder or delusion and there is no reason to think they will do anything inappropriate, nor is there any reason to think an otherwise perverted individual might take advantage of the policy to do anything wrong.

And if you don't agree, you're a judgmental bigot!


On Monday the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office responded to the Ammon Target store where an adult female says a person taking pictures of her while she was inside a changing room trying on clothes. The woman noticed the person reaching over the wall of the changing room with a cell phone to take pictures. The victim confronted the subject who ran from the store.

Detectives interviewed witnesses and security footage from Target which led them to 43-year-old Sean Patrick Smith, who also identifies as Shauna Patricia Smith, a transgender female. After interviewing Smith she was taken into custody by Detectives and booked into the Bonneville County Jail for one felony count of voyeurism.

Detectives are still investigating to determine if any more victims exist relating to this incident.

So this joker who "also identifies as Shauna Patricia Smith, a transgender female," decides to waltz on into the ladies' dressing room with his camera (oh sorry, her camera), and goes ahead and shoots photos of other women as they're changing.

I don't know if the version of Smith who hightailed it out of there was Shauna or Sean, but I can't help but notice that Local News 8 went with the "she" pronoun in telling us about Smith being taken into custody.

You see that photo. Does that look like a woman?

So what now, Mr. Cornell? You arrogantly dismissed the concerns of every customer (and former customer, like me) who warned you of what would be coming down. You said it would never happen. Now that it's happened, do you admit your mistake and reverse the policy? Or do you double down because customers getting naked pictures taken of them against their will is not as bad as copping to a horrible decision?

What activists and their media cheerleaders are calling "transgenderism" is a psychological disorder. It only makes sense that some of those suffering from such a disorder would behave in completely inappropriate and even disturbing ways. That's why responsible retail institutions don't adopt policies informing them that they are welcome to do so.

But we're not talking about responsible retail institutions. We're talking about Target, which doesn't care about you, me or any other customer. They only care about keeping transgender activists at bay, because being criticized by them would be (they think) a public relations nightmare.

I say we give them a real public relations nightmare.

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