Michigan Dem, Douglas 'there will be blood' Geiss, calls for non-violence

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Tuesday December 11th, 2012

By ROBERT LAURIE – Dems issue weak statement on the heels of Geiss's ugly rhetoric

Earlier today, we posted the following threat which was made by Michigan State Representative Douglas Geiss on the floor of the House.

It sounds like the higher-ups weren’t pleased with the whole “there will be blood" thing, because now he's posted a message on his Housedems.com website, belatedly calling for non-violence. The statement was issued originally by House Democratic Leader Richard E. Hammel and House Democratic Leader-Elect Tim Greimel.  It appeared on Geiss’s website a few hours after his initial remarks.

It reads:

“Right-to-work is contentious legislation that stirs up the passions of people on all sides of the issue. While we are committed to working against these measures with every legal means available, Rep. Doug Geiss (Taylor) and the entire Democratic caucus stands against the use of violence and do not condone its use. We condemn violence, the destruction of property and all other illegal activity in the strongest possible terms. We urge our supporters and those who work for bargaining rights in Michigan to stand with us in our call for nonviolence.”

Meanwhile, outside the capitol building, union goons were busy getting rough with reporters, tearing down tents, and generally raising Cain. 

Sorry, Michigan Dems, but your little statement is too little, too late.  When you light a match in a powder keg, it can be tough to put it out.