Don't worry, everyone. John Kerry says ISIS is blowing up airports because they've gotten 'desperate'

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Wednesday June 29th, 2016

Abandoning reality.

At one point, you were probably worried about ISIS.  It seemed like the horrific terrorist organization was on a real roll as its barbarian forces slaughtered their way across the middle east. They raped, tortured, burned, beheaded, crushed, and acidically-disolved their enemies while our leaders promised that they were being dealt with in the harshest possible way.  We'd "contained" them, we'd "diminished" them, and - most importantly - we'd decimated their command and control capabilities. According to President Obama, the J.V. team is on the run.

Oh sure, three months ago Secretary of State John Kerry was dragged - kicking and screaming - into acknowledging their ongoing genocide against Christians.  And yes, their rampage has continued since then.  But forget all of that. As Kerry says, ISIS is simply blowing up airports because they're getting "desperate."

It seems that, in John Kerry land, unless an enemy is meeting you on a field of battle in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, you're defeating them.  ...Which is insane.  In fact, the whole idea of pretending ISIS is nothing more than "desperate" simply reeks of self-delusion.

A: Of course ISIS is "desperate." If they weren't desperate, they wouldn't be blowing themselves up and murdering innocents.  They'd be doing something else. However, this isn't new. It's not like they're suddenly resorting to suicide bombers because nothing else is working.  They've been doing this ever since Obama was still chuckling about what a cute little band of misfits they were.

B: ISIS doesn't need to mount large scale military campaigns. Certainly they'd like to, but they're terrorists first and foremost.  Terrorism is "what they do."  Calling their ongoing - and largely uninterrupted - ability to carry out these attacks a sign of desperation not only ignores the reality of their operational ability, it's also a pathetic attempt to spin the administration's own failings.

Obviously, we've learned to expect no better of this administration, and we've come to anticipate their disconnection from reality.  Still, their constant need to pretend - despite all evidence to the contrary - that they're enjoying some kind of victory over ISIS?  

That's desperation. 

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