Don't freak out - Trey Gowdy says he intends to run for re-election

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday October 01st, 2015

Sorry, Dems.

During the last 36 hours, if you spent any amount of time on Twitter, Facebook, or any one of a dozen left-leaning websites, you probably saw the news.  "Trey Gowdy is thinking of retiring in 2016." The story was everywhere.

In case you missed it, GOP Rep. John Fleming (LA) claimed that Gowdy was sick of D.C. and wanted to go home. The South Carolina Representative had decided to get out of town at the earliest possible moment.

As reported:

A C-SPAN host asked Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana about the reluctance of some members to seek leadership positions in the House after the sudden resignation last week of Speaker John Boehner and cited Gowdy specifically.

“Trey wants to go back to South Carolina, and God bless him for that,” said Fleming, who went on to talk about the frustration some in Congress feel living in Washington and paying for two residences. “At the end of his term, yes. He plans to go back home. He wants to finish his work on the Benghazi, Libya, special committee. But he loves South Carolina, and he loves his family. He wants to go back and spend the rest of his life there.”

The palpable glee with which this news spread through the left-wing media machine was impressive, and it says a lot about how much Democrats fear and despise the man in question.  Unfortunately for them, it's not true. According to Gowdy, he's planning on running for - and returning to - his seat.

As USA Today reports:

Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, after a second straight day of speculation over his political future, said Wednesday he plans to run for a fourth term in 2016.

"I have every intention of doing so," Gowdy said in a brief interview.

So, that should be that. Honestly, the "Gowdy retires" news always sounded an awful lot like left-wing wishful thinking. No doubt Gowdy said something about missing his state and wanting to live there when he was done in D.C.  Dem-friendly "news" sites wanted it to be true, so they blew it up into something it wasn't.

Regardless, conservative fans of Trey Gowdy can come in off the ledge.

Democrats, on the other hand, may want to head back out.

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