DNC Night 1: Dems shout down opening prayer with Bernie chant

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Tuesday July 26th, 2016

And guess what: The prayer leader asked for it.

I guess people who think Jesus was a socialist figure it's no big deal to substitute one socialist for another, hey?

Dr. Cynthia Hale, who offered the opening prayer, is senior pastor of Ray of Hope Christian Church in Atlanta. She's not just some Democrat political hack who was told to go up there and go through the motions of doing a prayer so they could say they did it. And my discernment tells me that she was trying to be sincere, although I note two things:

1. A Christian pastor would typically pray "in Jesus's name" rather than saying to God, "in your name," because the whole point of invoking a name is that it's Jesus whose authority we cite in coming before God at all. I wonder if she was told to back away from the Jesus reference - or just decided she ought to - because mentioning Jesus wouldn't be "diverse" enough for a Democrat convention. Or to put it another way, because the prevailing thinking among Democrats is antipathy toward Christianity.

2. Presuming to tell God, "You have given us wisdom by nominating Hillary Rodham Clinton" might have inspired a divine response: "I did?" You don't stand there before God and cite some decision you made, and tell God it must have been His idea. That statement turned the prayer into a political speech, and considering how secular the audience is going to be at a Democrat convention, how can anyone really be surprised that the Bernie supporters responded as they did?

Then again, apparently they're only Bernie supporters until Bernie asks them to do something. Reports say Bernie sent a desperate missive to his delegates before the opening festivities, begging them not to do something like this. They don't care at this point. They're pissed off that they got robbed by Cheater Hillary, and they're going to take advantage of the spotlight they have to let the world know about it. For them, it's really not about Bernie anymore. It's about refusing to bend over and take it. I disagree with pretty much everything about their worldview, but how can you blame them for feeling the way they do?

I do blame them, however, for shouting down a prayer. I've stood in churches and heard people say things in prayer that made me raise an eyebrow and think to myself, "What?" But if someone is leading prayer, even if there's an issue with how they're doing it, you should still remain prayerful. I guess you can't expect that of godless people, though.

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