Democrats' tax reform deception

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Published by: Herman Cain on Monday September 04th, 2017

Some deal.

Here we go again!

A Republican president begins his push for significant tax reform, and the Democrats draw the usual misleading and deceptive battle lines. 

  •    No tax cuts for the rich (class warfare)
  •    No tax cuts for the top 1 percent (class warfare)
  •    No tax cuts for billionaires (class warfare)
  •    No tax cuts for greedy corporations (just plain stupid)  
  •    No tax cuts on repatriated business profits (unless we Dems get our share)
  •    No tax code simplification (makes too many of our bloodsuckers angry)
  •    Tax cuts for the middle class (a few crumbs and claim victory)
  •    Trickle down economics don't work (a flat out lie)
  •    Tax cuts will explode the deficit (another lie)

The Democrats' talking points never change, because they know they have a gullible voting base. They also know the media will repeat whatever they say without challenging the validity of the claim.

The comments in parentheses following each talking point is the short response to the claim. Although there have been many credible arguments written to refute these talking points, the Democrats simply ignore them. It's the I in S.I.N.

As I said on Sunday, Democrats think the more money you give to the government, the better. They think every dollar that stays in the private sector is just exploited by greedy robber barons, whereas every dollar confiscated by politicians is instead used to make life in America fair and equal.

A $20 trillion national debt ain't fair! Equal for whom? It's certainly not equal for working people who don't live just outside Washington, D.C. and the surrounding zip codes, where you'll find the highest medium incomes in the country.

So once again, the battle of deceptive rhetoric will dominate the media's reporting every time a Democrat utters one of its typical talking points. As the now famous Jonathan Grubber once said, "lack of transparency is a huge political advantage, based in large part on the stupidity of the American people."

Well Jonathan, some people are becoming less stupid with the aid of the digital revolution. People are waking up!

The Democrats' strategy of lies and deception is not going to change as long as they can get away with it. But the effectiveness of that strategy may be coming to an end. More and more people are coming to this site on a regular basis for the truth, and listening to the Herman Cain radio show.

That's no accident, and it scares the crap out of Democrats and RINOs.

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