Democrats are defending the indefensible

Headshot image of Herman Cain
Published by: Herman Cain on Monday February 05th, 2018

Their behavior presents our country in a bad light, but the people usually overcome such petulance by their so-called leaders.

In God we trust. The Flag. The National Anthem.

When elected Democrats sat unmoved during the State of the Union address last week as the president embraced these defining symbols of our nation, I was shocked, embarrassed and somewhat frightened.

I was shocked because it showed that their true feelings were politics over patriotism. We can have differences of political opinions, but there should be no differences of our love for our country, and what it has allowed all of us to become. Most of us are not divided on patriotism.

I was embarrassed because it sends the wrong signal to the rest of the world. When we openly display our political differences in the way Democrats did, the rest of the world applauds. They want us to become weak, and they want us to fail due to political differences, because many nations are envious of our success, our strength and our resolve to remain the greatest nation in the world.

I was somewhat frightened because if these partisan divides and attitudes are defining us, then we are on a long road to destruction. The good news is that I don't think we are being defined by such empty reactions during the SOTU address. It just means that we all have to work harder to tell people the truth, and show them the truth.

Results that positively impact our lives reveal the truth!

Anti-Americanism is not defensible. More government is not defensible. More dependency on government is not defensible. Identity politics is a long-term losing strategy, and negativity and divisiveness do not unite people.

Just look at our own history. Whenever we have almost become our own destroyer from within, the people put the "United" back into the United States of America. The will of the people is stronger than the will of politics.

The USA is winning on multiple fronts because we have a president who believes in winning for the American people. When the people win, America wins. And as the president has said many times, America first does not mean America alone. However, we will not be Uncle Sucker.

The people of this country will not abandon its patriotism.

Winning is fun! Losing sucks.

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