Deconstructing the logic of the Hillary voter

Headshot image of Herman Cain
Published by: Herman Cain on Wednesday July 13th, 2016

Put down the Fool-Aid and think.

I know many of you are going to vote for Hillary Clinton for president, because she is a woman. That's a shallow gender-biased reason but that's your choice.

Some of you are going to vote for Hillary because she is the presumptive Democrat nominee. You have voted Democrat all your life and you are not going to change now, even if you do not think she can lead this country.

Still others of you are going to vote for Hillary because you have drunk the Fool-Aid that she is qualified. Based on what? Holding the positions of senator from New York, Secretary of State and "First Lady" (wink/wink) says nothing about accomplishments and leadership. She just knew how to get elected or otherwise position herself to get the gig.

Now, FBI Director James Comey has clearly said the investigation of Hillary's emails shows that she did send and receive classified information.

She previously denied this, claiming documents had not been marked with a classified designation of confidential, secret or top secret, etc.

She lied.

But her biggest lie was to the families of the four Americans killed in the 2012 Benghazi attack. She told them the attack was caused by an anti-Muslim video, despite the fact that her own e-mail trail shows she knew that very night it was a planned terrorist attack.

It was a lie and we all know it. But the Hillary-supportive liberal media want you to forget that. And she wants you to put it out of your minds. 

But some of us will not forget.

She tried to destroy our health care system in the early 1990s with HillaryCare. And now she helps to defend the disastrous ObamaCare. 

The latest! Bernie Sanders has now endorsed her and said he's going to do everything he can to get her elected president. He campaigned against everything she stands for and everything she supports, and now it's "kiss and move on" for the good of the Democrat Party. 

Bernie Sanders supporters were played for fools, believing in the "free stuff" agenda. And now he has teamed up with Hillary to play all Democrats for fools, just as she and the Democrat Party have played them for fools all along.

So gender-Democrat-Fool-Aid voters, you have a candidate for president who has been shown to have lied, broken laws and put the nation's security at risk strictly for the sake of her own political interests, defends a disastrous health care system, has been endorsed by her primary opponent who said she is unqualified to be president, and none of you seem to think these are reasons not to make her president.

Well, the rest of us will just have to work harder to out vote you at the ballot box in November 2016.

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