Declawed cats bat mouse around. Or... House GOP grills FBI Director James Comey

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday July 07th, 2016

So what.

If you've been watching today's House Oversight Committee hearing you've seen four things:

1. A lot of talking from people who have proven - over the course of the last seven years - that they've been neutered in every possible way.

2. A gaggle of Hillary's left-wing stalwarts who have finally found a fine, upstanding, unbiased Republican for whom they're unafraid to show their deep, abiding, respect.

3. An FBI director who thinks Hillary's decision to set up a secret email server in her home, for the express purpose of skirting federal oversight, is not a sign of criminal intent. It's just some kind of proactive negligence.

4. Republican committee members who expressed their outrage, while proving - again - that Hillary's a liar.

All of it, despite some low rumblings about perjury, will amount to nothing. Talk is cheap, and we've been listening to the chatter for years. There is no action coming, no real penalty for Hillary Clinton, and no reason to think that will change.

Since the decision not to prosecute has been made, and no one seems to have a plan to pursue any further recourse, this was theater. The Democrats on the committee are right.  A weak, spineless, GOP has - through both inaction and complicit behavior - allowed the left to drag this nation to the point where the axiom "no one is above the law" no longer applies.

That said, if you still feel like watching the Republicans grill James Comey, here's a clip of Trey Gowdy tearing into Hillary's lies.

Enjoy it, because it's the only satisfaction you're going to get from this charade.

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