Dear Penn State students, you can have a brief personal chat with Chelsea Clinton for just $2,700.00

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday September 09th, 2016

But why would you? 

If there's one truism about college students, it's that they're awash in near-endless piles of cash.  Oh wait.  Hang on. That's not it.   It's that they're perpetually broke, eating fifty-cent Ramen Noodles in their dorm rooms or scraping by in ramshackle shared housing just south of fraternity row. Once you factor in books, beer, gas and tuition it's hardly surprising that they don't normally have any expendable funds.

Clintons don't care about any of that.  If the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play scandal teaches us anything, it's that your worth lies in your ability to give her the Clintons the filthy lucre they crave. If you're broke, you're "little people."  You don't count.  Pay up, and the they suddenly become the best friends you've ever had.

Now, it looks like Chelsea is following in her mother's accomplishment-free footsteps.  She's willing to debase herself by talking to poor, destitute, college liberals, but only if they pony up.  ...And saying "hi" will cost a staggering $2,700.00.

From HeatStreet:

The event, which took place Wednesday in State College, Pa., charged $500 just to get in the door, and $1,000 for a photo with Chelsea. For $2,700, attendees would be granted access to a special reception with the guest of honor.

College Progressives at Penn State really wanted to be a part of the so-called “conversation,” but quite rightly noted that $500 was a hefty price that would exclude many college students from attending.

“Although we certainly support Chelsea’s right to campaign on her mother’s behalf, we do not agree with Mrs. Clinton choosing to make this ‘conversation’ available exclusively to individuals who can afford or are willing to pay at least $500,” saidEthan Paul, vice president of College Progressives of Penn State. “It is particularly deplorable that a $2,700 donation—the legal limit—gets a personal conversation with Mrs. Clinton.”

It appears that, just like dear old mom, Chelsea has learned how to sell access. However, we can understand why someone would pay this kind of money to speak with her corrupt mother.  Why in the world would you throw this kind of dough at Chelsea?

She has nothing of interest to say, she's done nothing interesting with her life, and her qualifications for any real world profession are essentially nonexistent.  I suppose you could ask her why her mom wants to dismantle the 2nd Amendment, but why bother? All you'd get in return is boilerplate.

You'd be better off burning the $2.700.00, because at least then it would give you some warmth.  That's a better ROI than you'll receive if you give it to Chelsea....

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Seriously. $2700.00 for this?  Insanity...