Dear left: Why don't you shut up until you get past denial and anger?

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Published by: Herman Cain on Monday January 09th, 2017

On your long road to acceptance, you're getting awfully annoying.

A psychologist reminded me on my radio show that the first three levels of grief are denial, anger and finally acceptance.

The Democrats, flaming liberals, regular liberals and college snowflakes haven't gotten past denial and anger combined. That's the only explanation for irrational attempts to de-legitimize Trump's presidency.

Recounts didn't work. 

Trying to intimidate the Electoral College didn't work. 

Demanding that Congress go against the will of the people didn't work. 

The pleas of Hollywood actors who pretend to be other people for a living didn't work. 

Entertainers who chose to not perform at Trump's inauguration didn't work.

Trying to intimidate a historically black college (Talladega College) to not march in the Trump inaugural parade didn't work. They're marching!

Actors and actresses who said they would leave the country didn't work.

Blaming the Russians didn't work!

The liberal media's anti-Trump messaging is not working! What’s more, it’s to the point where it’s just sickening. Maybe they have not checked their ratings lately, but the viewers are not stupid and they are going elsewhere.

Example! For all of 2016, CNN's ratings were lower than HGTV. Yes! Home and Garden TV. When will they wake up? Maybe never, but the people are awake and they are going elsewhere for their news.

I wish the best to some popular anchors moving from Fox News Channel to NBC and MSNBC, but that's not going to singlehandedly change the liberal culture at those channels. Good luck, but call me skeptical.

Every word, every move that Trump utters or makes is met with a barrage of liberal spin, distortion, deflection and skepticism.

When Trump said part of the wall might be a fence, the liberals said he had "flip-flopped". When Trump said let’s go ahead and build the wall, and get Mexico to pay later, they said he went back on a campaign promise.

Now that Trump has nominated a strong field of advisors and cabinet nominees, the liberals attack him for having so many wealthy people advising him and running powerful departments of the federal government.

Earth to liberals! Rich people are less likely to become corrupt or comprised than career political hacks. We know how that turned out. And another thing! Maybe Trump's nominees are patriotic and want to help the country without looking for a hook-up later.  

Look! I could go on and on with example after example, but it's probably not going to cause any liberals or Democrats to get past their denial and anger, nor to move on to acceptance. But there is one thing you can do to give this new president and the nation a chance to thrive:

Shut up! 

Your liberal whining and complaining are divisive and sickening.

"Them that's going get on the wagon. Them that ain't get out of the way!"

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