Compromise kills solutions

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Published by: Herman Cain on Tuesday September 05th, 2017

Every time, because you're compromising with people who don't want to solve anything.

The Democrats would like for people to believe they were not cheering the Republicans' failure to pass ACA repeal and replace legislation, but they were cheering. To them it's a political victory despite the financial pain and suffering imposed on the American people.

Political victory at all costs is the history of congressional Democrats in recent times, and it starts with their way or no way, or we're going to be called obstructionists. They call it compromise. Start with trying to fix the ACA, as an example, and then they will negotiate a few crumbs to the Republicans.

Yep! The Democrats got help from three RINOs to get their political victory, but to the Democrats a win is a win. They are happy the ACA survived, no matter how much it hurts the American people, and now they want all options on the table as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said recently.

One option he specifically mentioned is a single payer system. In that system, the government is the single payer with our tax dollars, and the government makes all of our health care decisions, including health care rationing if they deem it necessary to save money. 

In the Democrats' minds, let's start with a single payer concept, and we will compromise a few crumbs to the Republicans so we can call it bipartisan. Sadly, the RINOs in Congress keep falling for that crap.

Next up! Tax reform as proposed by President Trump. As I pointed out in my previous commentary, the Democrats will fight any administration or Republican tax reform proposal with all the usual false arguments. The liberal media will aid them in their BS to see if enough of it will stick in the minds of the gullible before a congressional vote has to be taken. 

The Democrats will fight tax cuts because they believe they can spend our hard earned money better than we can. They will fight tax code simplification because it might make too many of their blood sucking supporters unhappy. They will fight repatriation of foreign profits by businesses because Democrats don't trust businesses to reinvest in the USA with over $2 trillion stuck outside of this country.

Democrats don't trust us! They don't trust businesses. They only trust more big government, more taxes and more control over our lives.

The Democrats in Congress will use a litany of class warfare and scare tactics to try to minimize whatever the Republicans propose, and then say let's compromise! If the Republicans give in to the compromise tactic again, then we will end up with another half-ass solution to our complex and archaic tax code instead of a real substantive solution.

The compromise tactic is why we never solve whole problems the right way. It's also why big problems have only gotten bigger over decades, and we wonder why. I know why! Congress never solves problems, they compromise solutions to appease political constituents, and then claim political victory.

Compromise works when all parties are negotiating from an honest perspective. That's not the case for congressional Democrats.

"Compromise" to Democrats is just another tool to obstruct real solutions. That's one reason they are resisting the Trump administration so hard. He wants to solve stuff.

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