CNN reassures Kim Jong Un: Don't worry, Trump has no military options for stopping you

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Monday September 04th, 2017

The Ministry of Propaganda's Atlanta bureau.

An insane lunatic has nuclear weapons and is threatening to use them to attack the United States. The only defense we appear to have against this is the determination of the president of the United States to unleash a massive and deadly deterrent. If we can't do that, Bowl Cut Jr. has no reason not to launch a missile in our direction.

But CNN is more concerned with discrediting Donald Trump than it is with with the prevention of nuclear holocaust, so it has decided to reassure the insane lunatic that the United States is a paper tiger and can't do anything to him:

Despite new threats from the Trump administration, the US still has no real, practical military option on North Korea, analysts say.

After Pyongyang tested a nuclear weapon Sunday, US Defense Secretary James Mattis said the US has "many military options" on North Korea and threatened Pyongyang with "a massive military response" if a US territory or US allies are targeted.

But any US military action puts millions of civilians in the South Korean capital of Seoul at risk, analysts say, and is therefore very unlikely to happen."We always have military options, but they're very ugly," said Mark Hertling, a retired US Army general and CNN military analyst.

It is certainly not a new development that our military options against North Korea are problematic. The task of President Trump, Secretary Mattis and the rest of the national security team is to develop better options, whether we're talking purely military or a combination of military, diplomatic and economic. Or maybe we've got a plan to infiltrate the Kim regime and take the little despot out. I certainly hope so.

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It's also true that if they've come up with more viable options, they are not going to talk about them publicly for what should be obvious reasons.

Yet step back and look at the broader dynamics here. We've got the U.S. administration warning North Korea that it will face massive and deadly consequences if it attacks us. If we want them to refrain from attacking, it is rather important for them to believe that is true. Yet at the same time, we have the media and the rest of the American left doing everything it can to insist that Trump is toothless and can do nothing at all to the Norks.

Who do you think Bowl Cut Jr. believes? Trump? Or the leftist media that keeps telling him he's in the clear and has nothing to worry about? And how do you think his choice of what to believe will ultimately influence his actions?

Stay safe, America. Your media is as big a threat to your lives as whacked out despots with nuclear weapons.

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