CNN Poll: Trump obliterates Hillary's 'insurmoutable' lead - ahead by 2 nationally

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Tuesday September 06th, 2016

This has to drive CNN nuts.

"Trump is a racist! Trump's trip to Mexico was terrible! Trump's immigration speech was pure evil!" That's been the drumbeat from CNN, which has all but ignored the latest round of Hillary Clinton's criminal scandals in an effort to prop up their memory-challenged queen. In the process, they've sacrificed ratings and what little credibility they had left. 

...So It must annoy them to no end that their own poll shows it isn't working.  Since the same poll was last taken, Trump has erased Hillary's double-digit lead and pulled ahead by two.

Oh to be a fly on the wall when this poll of likely voters landed on CNN's desk:

Now, before Trump fans get too excited, they should stop and consider three things.  

First: This is a national poll.  It's the individual state races that really matter. This poll is a ray of hope, but the state-by-state battleground map is still tough for Trump.

Second: Trump's new lead is within the margin of error so, as CNN points out, it's probably better to assume that the race is all tied up. That's still terrible news for Hillary as it means she's squandered what her sycophants had been claiming was an insurmoutable polling advantage.  

Finally: If this poll had Hillary up by two, you can be absolutely certain that they wouldn't be leaning on the "margin of error" line.  They'd be trumpeting her inevitable victory with all their might.

The problem CNN has is that their usual spin will be difficult. This is "likely voters" not just "registered voters" and the numbers regarding independents and enthusiasm are just as bad as the top line - meaning there's not much they can present as "good news."  To save face, they'll either have to start the embarrassing process of presenting their own poll as an untrustworthy outlier, or they'll just ignore it altogether.

Since they won't want to dwell on this data, we now return you to CNN's regularly scheduled lineup of presenting lies, coughing jags, brain injuries, and lost cell phones as "perfectly normal."

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