CNN: 'Owners have research showing' anthem protests are directly responsible for collapsing ratings

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Wednesday October 04th, 2017

Power of the purse

In case anyone had any doubts, and you probably didn't, the answer is "yes." According to CNN, NFL ratings are down, people are demanding refunds, and "taking a knee" is "a factor." While there are undoubtedly other things contributing to the decline in viewership - cord-cutting chief among them - they don't explain the refund requests. It's a safe bet that a bunch of millionaires throwing an anti-American tantrum is turning off a lot of former fans.

From CNN:

“I’m told the owners have research clearly showing the president is right when he says the anthem protests are one factor in a TV ratings drop, and since the president weighed in—the owners are now dealing with a surge in ticket holder requests for refunds. Other sports leagues are watching this quite closely.”

Anyone shocked? No? Good. This is 100% unsurprising. Why would anyone want to pay exorbitant ticket prices just to boo a team that's slapping them in the face?

The question now becomes: "Where is the tipping point?"  How much good will and revenue is the National Footbal League willing to sacrifice to its politically correct agenda?  The NFL is a business. When will the lost dollar signs overcome the owners' fear of upsetting their players?

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