CNN laments: Trump will 'go down as a great President' if he solves the Korean problem. 'There's no getting around that'

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday March 09th, 2018

Poor, sad, CNN

If CNN hadn't spent decades digging themselves into their current hole, we might feel sorry for them. Their ratings have dropped to new all-time lows, they're the laughing stock of the TV News world, and no one pays much attention to anything they say unless one of their hosts takes a picture of herself beheading the President.

Make no mistake, it's a sad state of affairs at the Clinton News Network. Last night, it became sadder still. There's a possibility that President Trump might "solve" the North Korean problem.

I don't think I'll shock anyone when I say "solving" anything involving Kim Jong Un is a long shot.  You can't trust him, you shouldn't trust him, and it's extraordinarily hard to verify that he's keeping any promise he might make.

Still, the possibility is there.  ...And that has the folks at CNN all upset.

It seems that, if Trump can pull this off, even CNN laments it would make him "a truly great President."  It's clear they'd love that not to be the case, but - as Erin Burnett said last night - “there’s no way around that. That is the reality here.”

The implication, of course, is that they wish they could "get around it."  It's just killing them to think that Trump might have a shot at pulling this off.

Remember, these are the very same people who promised us that a storm of nuclear hellfire was just around the corner.  That "odious little man" in the White House sent a few mean tweets - even calling Kim Jong Un fat - and that was going to bring about World War III.  Progressives warned us that Trump wanted this, because his Russian handlers were ready to plunge the world into Armageddon and North Korea would serve as a fine pretext.

How sad is it that even the mere prospect of peace on the Korean Peninsula has CNN's brain trust so despondent?

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