CNN boss, Jeff Zucker, admits network's liberal bias?

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Wednesday July 24th, 2013

By ROBERT LAURIE - Admitting you have a problem is just the first step. 

Yesterday, CNN President, Jeff Zucker, joined Fortune Magazine's Andy Serwer at Brainstorm Tech 2013. During a wide-ranging conversation, he went on and on about how CNN was the objective, middle of the road news network.  Unlike MSNBC and Fox, Zucker believes that his channel has managed to avoid bias and emerge as the nation's most trusted news outlet.

Then he admitted something kind of stunning. "Frankly," he said, "One of the criticisms of CNN - that it didn't have enough conservative points of view on the air - was probably a valid criticism." 

That moment of clarity is about as close as a long-time progressive like Zucker will ever come to admitting his network bears a decidedly liberal slant. Despite his claims of unbiased reporting, he freely admits there aren't enough conservative voices to provide balance. Clearly, that's an acknowledgement that the on-air 'talent' has been stacked to the left.

Zucker believes that hiring Newt Gingrich to cohost a revamped "Crossfire" will go a long way toward undoing this problem.

"Newt is an employee of CNN," Zucker said. “And listen, I'm thrilled to have Newt there.  Look, I think that he's already been a part of a bunch of our programming.  Newt is an incredibly smart, intellectual thinker."

That's great, but he neglected to mention that the new Crossfire will also boast statist Obama allies Van Jones and Stephanie Cutter. So Zucker will have to forgive us if we have a hard time taking his admission seriously.  CNN was founded by a radical globalist, and its left-wing roots run very, very, deep.  

Zucker may have come dangerously close to admitting that fact, but no one should seriously expect him to do anything substantive to change it.

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