Chris Matthews frets that 'sadness' in Alexandria shooter's life may have caused his 'wacky behavior'

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday June 15th, 2017


Democrats know how bad this looks.  The would-be Alexandria assassin is a left-wing true believer.  In terms of his political beliefs (if not his actions) he's emblematic of the base of their party. His political goals are their political goals, and we're learning that he enjoyed a steady diet of the same hateful class-warfare rhetoric they use to win elections.

So, of course, they're trying to spin themselves clear of the idea that one of their own just tried to kill an untold number of Republican congressmen.

That's impossible, so they're left with only a few options. The first is to ghoulishly unleash the standard gun control boilerplate. The second is to deflect attention by equivocating between this shooting and others. The third, and most disturbing, is to offer a cursory condemnation of the shooters actions, while sympathizing with his motive.

The third option is the one Chris Matthews chose.  Watch, as the MSNBC stalwart laments the "sadness in this guy's life:"

“Howard, you and I know each other. You know what goes into somebody’s…we can say wacky behavior because they’re dead. 

We don’t know what sadness was in this guy’s life … what his prospects were. Something that made him mad at the world so he focused on Republicans.

He did understand inequality as an issue. Bernie Sanders wrote about that in the paper the other day. There’s nothing wrong with the issue. It’s a great issue to fight for if you’re a progressive. But he got it into his head that he was going to get better equality of incomes in this country by killing people. That’s not going to happen.”

Can you imagine the outrage if this was a die-hard conservative shooting at a field of Democrats?  Can you imagine what Matthews would be saying?  There would be no effort to empathize with the shooter and no sympathy for his motives. There would only be rage, endless fundraising letters, and a demand for a 'national conversation' about hate.

Instead, since this was a hardcore leftist, we're treated to a boo-hoo moment where we're supposed to consider the feelings of an attempted mass murderer.


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