CA Child Protective Services takes baby from family who wanted a second medical opinion

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday May 03rd, 2013

By ROBERT LAURIE - Remember when they said your kids aren't your own?

If your baby was in a hospital, and you saw a nurse giving it incorrect, potentially dangerous, medication, would you take your child elsewhere?  One California family found out the hard way that taking their child for a second opinion can land you in hot water with the police state.

When the parents in the case saw a nurse giving their son Sammy improper antibiotics, they took the child away from the hospital and brought it to a second medical facility.

Even though the second hospital determined that little Sammy was in no imminent danger, the first hospital called Child Protective Services and, the next day, police showed up to confiscate the infant.  A remarkably calm mother protested, but was told that she wasn't "acting rationally."  So the cops grabbed her baby and took it to an undisclosed doctor.

Apparently the new definition of "irrational behavior" is demanding to know where the state is taking your infant son.

The whole, harrowing, ordeal was caught on film.  Yesterday afternoon, it aired on Megyn Kelly's Fox News show.

Remember, this isn't some random, anti-medicine, nutjob who doesn't want treatment for an obviously sick child.  This woman had already done the right thing by taking her baby to another physician.

Let me just say that I think this mother has the patience of a saint. If these goons barged into my home, I'd probably end up in jail.  The family has now been reunited, and if there is any justice in the world, their forthcoming lawsuits will be both epic and successful.  

Follow-up visits from Child Protective Services were a condition of getting their son back but, for the moment, it seems we have a happy ending.

However, this is part and parcel of the statist mentality that claims your child is no longer your own.  Kids these days don't belong to mothers and fathers, they belong to the government "community."  Decisions about their wellbeing are no longer the purview of parents - those choices are now subject to scrutiny from a massive, broken, and abusive bureaucratic system.

...Which is exactly what statists want.  Remember this MSNBC clip?

These people are broadcasting their plans, and we're seeing it in action.  The facts of the case are unimportant to the state.  All that maters is that they grow and exert their control over every facet of your life.  

Think it's bad now?  Just wait until the government has complete access to your Obamacare medical info...

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