Brainwashing your kids against guns - just what Eric Holder wants

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday January 24th, 2013

By ROBERT LAURIE - Welcome to your Orwellian nightmare

About a week ago, we ran the story of two six year olds who were suspended from a Maryland school for playing “cops and robbers.”  Apparently, in our Orwellian world, pointing a finger and saying “bang” is indistinguishable from brandishing a loaded firearm.  If anyone was hoping that spotlighting such extreme overreactions would embarrass the school officials involved and rein in their hysteria, they’re about to be disappointed.

Since the Maryland incident, things have only gotten worse.

Last week, in Pennsylvania, a 5-year-old kindergartner brought a bright pink Hello Kitty bubble gun to school.  The oh-so-deadly weapon, when fired, emits a decidedly non-lethal stream of soapy bubbles. 

The little girl who brought it to school reportedly said “I'll shoot you, you shoot me, and we'll all play together."

That threat of Tarantino –style uber-violence was enough to land her in hot water.  Teachers leapt into action, immediately questioning the girl.  She admitted her “crime” and went home for the day. The next morning, Mount Carmel Area Elementary School Principal Susan Nesticon suspended her for 10 days.

According to the forms signed by Nesticon, the little girl had levied a "terroristic threat" against her classmates.

After agreeing to an utterly ridiculous psych evaluation, the suspension was shortened to two days. It seems like something that should go without saying, but the therapist found no reason for concern.

"It would appear that (the girl) does not have those risk factors identified for violent behavior," the counselor wrote. "It would also seem that (she) had no harmful or predatory intent in the comments she made to her friends about the bubble 'gun' but did not recognize the heightened sensitivity and awareness of her friends and the response that may result from her comments."

There’s no word on the magazine size of her sidearm, though it can be assumed that the hundreds of bubbles it contains far exceeds the 7 round limit sought by bubble-gun control advocates.

Her terrifying weapon of choice looks like this:

Brainwashing your kids against guns - just what Eric Holder wants

The school has not apologized, and according to the girl’s mother, her daughter is still scared.  “All I know is what my daughter has told me and she said she was told she could go to jail, which is a very traumatic thing for a 5-year-old to live with.”

Sadly, gun-terror struck the state again when a 5th grade girl from Philadelphia’s D. Newlin Fell School committed a similar crime. In this case, the weapon was a folded piece of L-shaped paper. Apparently, the “gun” in question was given to the girl by her grandfather.

According to the girl, when she threw the piece of paper in the trash a classmate saw it.  "He yelled at me and said I shouldn't have brought the gun to school and I kept telling him it was a paper gun but he wouldn't listen.”

The boy told the teacher, who immediately searched the girl while the other kids watched.  When no further weapons were found, the “educator” began yelling at the child in front of her class.  According to her mother, the girl was threatened with jail.

Allegedly, the teacher told her that he "should call the cops on her" and that she could "be arrested."

The weapon in this case was incapable of firing – not even bubbles – and looked like this:

Brainwashing your kids against guns - just what Eric Holder wants

Again, no apology has been issued, and the mother is furious.

Anger is to be expected, but what she should really be experiencing is an awakening.  This is the liberal progressive agenda. To statist gun control advocates, these incidents are not overreactions.  This is what they want.

When Eric Holder says “we must to brainwash people against guns” this kind of thing is exactly what he’s after.  Not only have these innocent little kids been made to feel like criminals for possessing mere representations of firearms, their classmates have seen the consequences as well.  Probably, close to forty kids have just learned the lesson that “guns = trouble.”

Never mind that these children did absolutely nothing wrong.  Forget that the “trouble” was completely fabricated by out-of-control government employees.  None of that is important. The lesson kids are supposed to learn is that guns are bad.  That’s all that matters.

Progressives want that message ingrained in our young people from the earliest possible moment.

Parents shouldn’t expect anyone to clamp down on these incidents.

They should expect them to increase, both in number and severity, as long as the left is allowed control of our schools.


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