Bowl Cut Jr. throws himself a massive bash because now he can nuke you

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Monday September 11th, 2017

Milestones in life.

You might have had one when you turned 16. Or when you graduated. You have your priorities that you believe justify a party in your own honor. He has his. It's just that his involve the ability to essentially microwave an entire city into oblivion:

KCNA said Kim threw a banquet to laud the nuclear scientists and other top military and party officials who contributed to the nuclear bomb test last Sunday, topped with an art performance and a photo session with the leader himself.

KCNA did not specify when the banquet had been held, but analysts said it had likely been on Saturday.

Photos released on Sunday by KCNA showed the young leader breaking into a broad smile at the People’s Theater with two prominent scientists: Ri Hong Sop, head of North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Institute, and Hong Sung Mu, deputy director of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea’s munitions industry department.

Ri and Hong have played vital roles in the North’s nuclear program, appearing at close distance to Kim during field inspections and weapons tests, including the latest nuclear test. Ri is a former director of Yongbyon Nuclear Research Center, North Korea’s main nuclear facility north of Pyongyang, where Hong also worked as a chief engineer.

North Korea had said the latest test was an advanced hydrogen bomb. There was no independent confirmation but some Western experts said there was enough strong evidence to suggest the reclusive state has either developed a hydrogen bomb or was getting very close.

Maybe you believe, as Susan Rice and other Obama alums do, that he would never actually use the nukes because he's too rational for that. Oh sure, he's evil, tyrannical, despotic, vicious . . . but thee American left will never admit that any enemy of the U.S. is irrational. That's reserved for the likes of Donald Trump.

If this is what you think, take a good look at the faces of the people compelled to cheer maniacally for this guy. Real convincing, huh? You see it here too:

Bowl Cut Jr. throws himself a massive bash because now he can nuke you

These people are absolutely terrified not to be seen praising Dear Leader to the heavens precisely because they know how irrational he is. If he suspects that anyone isn't totally in his corner, he's liable to feed them to hungry dogs or, if they're lucky, send them to torture/hard labor camps.

To ascribe any rationality whatsoever to this guy is just begging to get torched. But the political class feels it has to indulge this illusion because they're the ones who have committed the bipartisan atrocity of doing nothing about him and his crazy family for generations. Now we're at the point where Donald Trump may have no choice but to take military action to take the guy out, and people are shrieking that Trump would be the one guilty of some sort of atrocity.

I. Do. Not. Think So.

This guy is a complete lunatic. He's wanted nuclear weapons ever since he took power in 2011, and he's never made any bones about his intention to use them against the United States. We did nothing. And here we are.

You don't think he intends to use them? Then you tell me why he threw that party.

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