Blank slate! (Tabula Rasa)

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Published by: Herman Cain on Wednesday June 08th, 2016

Solving America's problems requires us to start at the start.

The late Jack Kemp, the Republicans' vice presidential nominee with Bob Dole in 1996, would often use the phrase "Tabula Rasa" as a way of saying we needed to start over with a blank sheet of paper to analyze and determine a solution to a problem.

The United States of America has many problems. We need to start over on all of them as we approach the election of a new president in November 2016.

Last night's primaries basically confirmed the presumptive presidential nominees of both the Republican and Democrat parties, although as we told you yesterday nothing is quite as official as the media wants to pretend it is. Still, it seems pretty clear where this is going.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, the likely Democrat nominee, has proposed building on the failures of the last seven years with Obama in the White House. Obviously, that will not solve any of our national problems. It would only make them worse.

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, has been clear on what his priorities and focus would be. They include replacing the tax code, repealing and replacing ObamaCcare, securing our borders, rebuilding the military, taking care of veterans, real energy independence and a foreign policy with purpose and strategy.

Yes, he has to work with Congress to make those things happen, but at least he knows we need to start over on trying to fix our problems.

That's as close as we are going to get to a "blank slate" and starting over in our lifetime. All you have to do is look at the progress we have made in decades. None! We know we will get more of the same with Hillary.

Let's try Trump!

The presidential primary season has been dominated by more political noise than substance. Now that the presumptive nominees have been determined, it's a blank slate from here to November. The attacks between the candidates may not be new, but the ones that stick and influence people's votes are an unknown. It's a blank slate!

The "blue state" and "red state" predictions of the past are irrelevant. Both candidates have high unfavorables in the polls, and both candidates are presented as divisive by the media. But the voters must focus on the favorables, and the proposed big solutions that will unite us.

Voting for Hillary because she is a woman for historic reasons is misguided.

Our nation's prosperity is more important than history.

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