Bill Clinton's adventures with women in airplanes continue

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday June 30th, 2016

Don't worry. There is nothing wrong here.

He came over and said hello. He talked about his grandchildren and his travels. He never brought up the Hillary investigation.

Hey, everything Bill Cliinton does is legal and above board. So when he just happens to show up on the tarmac where the private plane of the attorney general - who by the way is investigating his wife for possible felonies involving national security breaches - the fact that he just happened to board the plane and talk to her for more than half an hour shouldn't raise an eyebrow for you at all.

Not. At. All.

You buying this explanation?

Note how Lynch refuses to even acknowledge that Hillary is the target of the investigation, pretending it's just about "State Department policies" and 100 percent about Hillary's attempts to evade public disclosure laws by setting up a schlock, homebrew e-mail server that was easily hacked by the Russians and some guy named Guccifer 2.0.

I'll defer to Laura Ingraham as a lawyer concerning the question of whether this is really an ethical breach. But I would note this: The Clintons always pretend that the conversations they have behind the scenes are about things other than politics. Hillary's e-mails? All about yoga routines and Chelsea's wedding plans. Bill's pop-in on Loretta Lynch's plane? All about the grandchildren.

Bolshevik. These people are obsessed with politics. It's the only thing that genuinely runs through their veins. And they've gotten as far as they have by using power politics, pressure and influence at every turn. To think for one second that Bill Clinton had a chance to bend Loretta Lynch's ear on the question of a possible Hillary indictment, and didn't take it, is to be completely delusional about the nature of these people and how they operate.

I understand the point that it "looks bad" even if it's innocent, but emphasizing that point gives the Clintons too easy an out. It allows them to merely acknowledge a "mistake in judgment" or whatever, without admitting that what they were really trying to do is pressure the attorney general not to convene a grand jury against Hillary.

Unless . . . Bill is crazy like a fox. I've long believed that the Clintons detest each other, and that his support of her presidential candidacy is nothing more than his payoff of a quid pro quo for her not leaving him after he humiliated her with the Monica thing. She doesn't love him. She bailed him out for a price, which was that she had to get a turn as president and he had to support her whether he liked it or not. I'd be willing to bet there are things he's done that only she knows about, and that he knows perfectly well she would expose if he ever stopped playing ball.

I don't think Bill really wants her to be president at all. If that happens, he has to behave himself as "First Gentleman" or whatever we would call it, rather than jetting around with scantily clad women in his pal's airplane and whatever else he spends his time doing. Every so often, Bill does something so seemingly stupid and damaging to Hillary's campaign, you have to wonder how a guy with so much political savvy could make such a dumb mistake.

Unless, that is, it's not a mistake at all.

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