Biden to Trump: 'Grow up'

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Friday January 06th, 2017

So says the interrupter-in-chief.

Serious, sober, mature adult implores petulant child to grow up. Or so we're told:

Let me see if I have this straight. Trump, who has been tweeting about Obama's very real attempts to sabotage the transition and screw one of our biggest allies on his way out the door, is being lectured to "grow up" by this guy?

Of course, what do you expect Biden to do when the PBS interviewer is setting it up for him so perfectly? She might as well simply be delivering a solo commentary rather than simply laying out the problems she has with Trump and then inviting Biden to restate the exact same complaints in his own inimitable way.

That's all that's going on here. I must have missed the questions about Obama's eleventh-hour regulatory binge, his massive last-minute land grabs and his efforts to burrow political appointees into the federal bureaucracy so Trump can't get rid of them upon taking office. Come to think of it, we wouldn't know about a lot of that if Trump wasn't tweeting about it, so PBS has to cue up Biden to complain that Trump tweeting isn't presidential or something.

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I seriously wonder how long it's going to take the dinosaur media to figure out that the public doesn't share its horror over Trump's tweets or the language he uses. Let's consider Trump calling Charles Schumer a clown. The political class will tell us all day long about how this isn't consistent with the comportment expected of a president or whatever. But most people who pay attention think Schumer is a clown. Because he is. So which is worse? That the president says so and it seems so icky and untoward? Or that the Senate Minority Leader is, in fact, a clown?

The media won't tell you that, so maybe we should be grateful for the fact that the president will.

I think the public also notices that Joe Biden can act like a total clown in a debate, or when he's welcoming the wives of new senators, and official Washington is fine with it because that's just old Joe. But let Trump use Twitter to say what's on his mind instead of going through ABC, NBC, CBS or the New York Times, and it's an outrage of unprecedented proportions.

Yeah, the public notices that, and the public knows what's up.

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