Bernie to DNC: Pretty much everything in America is unjust and awful

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Tuesday July 26th, 2016

So let's elect a corrupt, money-grubbing liar who will keep things exactly as they are.

Here's what I can't square about Bernie Sanders's speech last night. On the one hand, he rails against "the movement toward oligarchy that we are seeing in this country." He complains that 47 million people are in poverty, and that people are living on starvation wages. He says that the middle class is being destroyed.

But then, he thanks Barack Obama and Joe Biden for "making progress" against all this, in spite of just about every other line in the speech that seemed to suggest these problems were getting no better and possibly worse. Are Obama and Biden making progress or not? No, of course they're not. Economic growth is sluggish. People have left the work force in record numbers. Things are not getting better at all. But if Sanders doesn't pretend to think Obama has made progress, he can't possibly make sense of his plea for people to vote for Hillary, who will double down on every ineffective policy Obama has pursued.

How can you make that case? Simple. These are Democrats. There's only one thing you need to do:

Blame George W. Bush.

He's never mentioned by name, but Bernie makes the claim that all these problems were actually caused between 2001 and 2008, and that nothing has happened since 2009 to make a difference, even though Obama has "made progress," and yet we're still seeing a "movement toward oligarchy."

Huh? Make sense of it if you can:

Here's what I think Sanders really believes: I think he's disappointed in Obama, recognized by Sanders as a fellow socialist, for being ineffective and ham-handed in what Bernie thinks should have been a relentless march toward a socialist America - probably because he recognizes Obama is 9 parts ego and 1 part ideologue, but zero parts leader or effective administrator. He has to give Obama props because the crowd doesn't want to hear anything to the contrary, but Bernie knows darn well that Obama has done nothing to make things better.

Not that success in implementing socialist policies would have done so. To the extent that Obama has had success here, that's exactly why things haven't gotten better. But Bernie's not going to see that. So he indulges the charade of giving Obama a pat on the back, even as he thunders against the status quo and urges everyone to vote for Obama 2.0, with a little added dishonesty, corruption and criminality mixed in for bad measure.

He tries to reassure the Bernie faithful by informing them that the Hillary people agreed to the most liberal platform in the history of the party, which is the sort of thing that gets cheers at a convention and matters not at all, because platforms are completely meaningless - especially when you're getting ready to nominate a liar who values promises she makes about as much as she values a pile of crap.

Bernie Sanders got completely hosed by the DNC in the primary race, and there's nothing wrong with recognizing that. But not at the expense of recognizing this: Bernie Sanders is a wild-eyed, doddering old socialist whose view of the world is atrociously wrong in every way. He would have been a better president than Hillary only because being wrong about everything is not quite as bad as being purely evil. But "better than Hillary" is about as low as a bar can get. She is awful, and he is awful to stand there and tell people she "will make an outstanding president" after months of making a far more convincing case that the opposite was true.

Then again, I doubt many everyday Americans are influenced by doddering old socialists. But the people at the DNC sure seem to love him. Draw from that whatever conclusion seems right to you.

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