Bernie REALLY wants you to know he's not a Democrat - because they're losers

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday June 16th, 2017

Angry Dems, please, follow Bernie!

Bernie Sanders, whose supporters... have a tendency... to get violent... - even with each other, wants you to know he's not a Democrat.  Democrats lost the last election.  He thinks Trump is awful, so they should have won. Despite the fact that Dems nominated the person that Bernie ended up endorsing, he's doing his best to distance himself from the party.

He's an "independent," dontcha know.  He loves that label, because it's more marketable than "devout socialist."

Anyway, he's been making the rounds lately. His appearances may slow down for a bit, since once of his volunteers tried to assassinate multiple prominent Republican congressmen, but prior to that incident he was showing up all over the place.

Oh, and he has a new favorite line about how "Democrats lost that election."

Fact is, Bernie's prescription for the Democrat Party would only end up doing further damage to the party. I hear a lot of people claim that Bernie "woulda won," but I don't really see any evidence of that.  Bernie dropped out before the real fight began. A Sanders campaign would have been forced to spend months defending their grumpy candidate's lifelong love of socialism, fighting for much higher taxes, and defending the failed social programs of the last administration.  Since he didn't have to do any of that, he looks rosy in hindsight.

...But if you're being honest (and you have a cursory understanding of what would have happened in a national campaign) you have to suspect that the result would have been the same.

Which is why we want to help him get his message out to as many disenfranchised Democrats as possible.  Dems, if you're party of the base, and you feel like your party let you down, please join team Bernie!

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h/t FreeBeacon