Cruz gets Bernie to admit he can't explain the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday October 19th, 2017

Everything will be free ...You'll just pay a lot more for it.

For some reason, CNN has decided that the ridiculous horror of the 2015 primary debates should continue forever. They think the American people so fear the culmination of the last election that they'd rather just sit through a political Groundhog Day where we relive 2015 repeatedly.  So, they've handed serious, unbiased, newsman Jake Tapper the Sisyphean task of moderating a never-ending series of excruciatingly boring debates.

Last night's match up was between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. ...It did not go well for Bernie.

Cruz wanted to know the difference between Bernie's brand of hardline socialist policies "Democratic Socialism" and the platform of the modern Democrat party.  Bernie admitted he didn't know. Then he launched into his standard talking points.

If Bernie is flummoxed, it's because there is no difference.  Cruz is 100% correct that the only substantive discrepancy between Bernie and the Democrats (and it's not a totally insignificant one) is that Bernie is honest about what he wants.

Everything in Bernie-land will be free.  ...If you're willing to pay waaaay more in taxes. How, exactly, does that equate to "free?" 

No one, least of all Bernie, has any idea.

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