Beloved, great president comes up with the perfect words at Dallas memorial

Headshot image of Dan Calabrese
Published by: Dan Calabrese on Wednesday July 13th, 2016

"The apostle Paul said, 'For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of strength and love.'"

Since the media have been lamenting that we can't seem to find a leader who can come up with the right words and sincerity to unite us, I hope they were paying attention when he took the podium in Dallas today. Oh sure, they hate his guts, but this is the man:

I really don't think there's a lot I need to say about this. This is how a president talks at a time like this. He doesn't blame. He doesn't exploit. He doesn't ignore obvious truths. He speaks of love, he expresses grief, he offers a vision of hope. He reminds us of who we are. And when he mentions God, he sounds like he means it. Because he does.

Gosh, I miss him. You didn't know what you had, America.

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