BCYMI: Ted Cruz, audience members, tore Bernie Sanders to shreds in last night's debate

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Wednesday February 08th, 2017

He's lucky no one watches CNN

Often, people will ask me: "Hey Rob, if Bernie had been the nominee, he would have won, right?"  

My answer is always the same. "He probably would have done a little better."

Would he have won?  I doubt it.  The fact is, had Bernie secured the nomination, he would have been forced to lay out his vision for America.  Then, he'd have been forced to defend it. That's where the trouble would have come in. Bernie may have the love of the radical left, but he's still a crazy old coot who would have faced the nigh-impossible task of trying to sell middle-America on his ridiculous socialist agenda.

How do we know this?  For one thing, he was already struggling to make his case against the worst Democrat candidate in history. ...But a much more recent example came in the form of last night's CNN Obamacare debate with Ted Cruz.

Bernie was absolutely demolished - not just by Cruz, though that certainly happened, but by the audience as well. Because you missed it, here are a few highlights.

Watch, as Ted Cruz teaches Bernie about the nature of rights!

Thrill to the exciting exploits of an audience member who stumps Bernie on economics!

Your heart will break as Cruz informs Bernie that ObamaCare has injured the very millennials Sanders claims to love!

Bernie attempted to deflect with the left-wing fear mongering that made him a household name, but it just wasn't working.  Cruz was prepared for every one of his claims, refuted them with facts, and Bernie was left stammering repeatedly.  To call it a "debate" isn't really fair.  It was more like watching an ant try to stop a steamroller.

So, as I said before, I think Bernie would have done a little better in the general election than Hillary.  At least the base would have been enthusiastic.  However, if last night's debacle was the best he could offer, after two years of prep work, I suspect his mumbo-jumbo would have suffered the same fate as Mrs. Clinton's.

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