Axelrod: 'Flippant' Hillary not taking email issue seriously

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Wednesday August 24th, 2016

Why would she? 

A lot of the usual conservative outlets are posting the following clip and pointing to it as evidence of acknowledgement.  They argue that David Axelrod, a left-wing stalwart who slithered out of the Obama administration, is bascially admitting that Hillary's "email issues" are a genuine problem and, more importantly, they represent an issue she doesn't care about. 

Unfortunately, that's not really what he did.

Here's the clip, then we'll discuss...

What's really happening here is that - as they always do when faced with a substantive, possibly criminal, issue - Democrats like Axelrod are worrying about "optics."

Basically, Axelrod is concerned that Hillary's jokes make it "seem" like she's not taking the problem seriously when (wink wink) she really, totally, is. 

The bigger questions is: "why would she take it seriously?"  After all, Axelrod's former boss is a scofflaw of the first order.  Obama owns his DOJ like Blofeld owns his white kitty, and that's allowed him to ignore the law, separation of powers, court rulings... you name it. That same DOJ just gave Mrs. Clinton a free pass.

So why shouldn't Hillary laugh? 

We all know that Clintons are well above the law.  Optics shmoptics. Hillary is right to laugh, because Axelrod's former leash-holder has turned our nation's Justice Department into a total joke.

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