Awesome (video): Young GOP congressman schools Andrea Mitchell on ObamaCare

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Wednesday October 09th, 2013

"That's how pathetic I think news reporting has become when you won't ask tough questions of the administration."

I know you love the rare occasion when a Capitol Hill Republican stands up to the Obama-fawning media, so you'll love this.

Sean Duffy is a second-term congressman from Wisconsin, 41 years old, and by the way he succeeded the ultra-liberal David Obey. He looks like a keeper.

As I said the other day about Ted Cruz's performance on CNN, the key to prevailing in an interview like this is refusing to accept questions based on false premises, which means that before you get on the set you've got to know you're stuff. Bottom line: Duffy did, Mitchell didn't, and he took her to school.

Only about six people actually saw this because it was on MSNBC, so pass it along!

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