Awesome: Cleveland cop joins black citizens on street to pray for peace

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Tuesday July 19th, 2016

Narrative busted.

Per Chicago's WGN, what's beautiful here is not really that black people and a white cop join together in hugs and prayers. That is really not all that unusual, despite what the race-obsessed media and political class would have you think. What's beautiful is that they do it so audaciously and clearly understand they're busting the media narrative of White Cops vs. Black Citizens. That narrative is Bolshevik and the public needs to understand that.

Credit to WGN for showing this, and in its own way, cutting against the grain of its own industry, which wants a race war in the worst way:

By the way, here's a question: Why aren't we all worried about violent protests at the Democrat convention next week? Their candidate is even more unpopular than ours, and for much more legitimate reasons. Plenty of people are horrified at the thought of her becoming president, present company included.

Why aren't they afraid that rabid right-wingers are going to wreak havoc? Aren't they the ones that are always telling us that that "home-grown anti-government extremists" are an even bigger threat than radical Islamists?

Or is this not a story because everyone - including those pushing this narrative - know it's all a load of crap, and that people on the right in general are not given to violent mischief-making? Conservatives have very big problems with Hillary Clinton, but we're not going to break things, kill cops or do anything of the sort. We don't even need Barack Obama to tell us not to. We know not to.

Then again, since there are many other people who don't, it's good that the people pictured above join in prayer. Because only God can change their hearts. Now, say that at the DNC, and you might have a riot on the floor.

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