Allen West: Dr. Carson violated an 'unwritten rule' about being black and criticizing Obama

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Tuesday February 12th, 2013

By ROBERT LAURIE -  Dr. Carson has dared to step out of line.....

The phony outrage over Dr. Benjamin Carson's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast has reached a fever pitch.  How dare someone stand up and defy the good-and-proper Barack Obama? 

With that as a backdrop, Allen West appeared on Greta Van Sustren's "On the Record" and reminded every conservative that people like the former Representative are sorely missed.

West claims that, in the eyes of the left, Carson has violated the unwritten rule that says African Americans are not allowed to criticize the President. Since everything Obama does is logically sound, morally just, and in the best interest of minorities everywhere, no one is supposed to point out that none of it is actually working. Dare to step out of line, and you'll face the firestorm.

"I don't think it should cause any controversy whatsoever," West said of Carson's speech. "I thought that we lived in an America where you could have freedom of speech. And I believe that the doctor gave his assessment of some of the policies that involve his profession in the health care profession, and also talking about the culture of and the relationship of government to the individual."

"Now, I think what has everyone upset is that he violated the unwritten rule of being an African-American male and he criticized the policies of President Obama, which I can somewhat understand, having been on the other side of a lot of attacks, as well."

Absolutely correct.  There's nothing more dangerous to the liberal left than black conservatives, as they represent the clearest threat to the Democrats presumptive stranglehold on minority voters. A man like Ben Carson terrifies the progressive movement, thus, the attacks have begun.


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