Alert the 'fact checkers': Time to destroy this guy

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Wednesday March 19th, 2014

Vegas man stuck with $407,000 medical bill after ObamaCare screwups destroyed his coverage.

Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post better get busy. He needs to do some shoddy half-ass "fact checking" so the rest of the liberal media can cut and paste his "work" and give Harry Reid the opportunity to take to the Senate floor and claim that another victim of ObamaCare is a liar. And this time it's one of Reid's own constituents. Fox News reports. (Of course. Who else would?)

The busted ObamaCare websites cost a lot of people a lot of time. But for one Nevada man, problems with the state insurance exchange reportedly cost him $407,000. 

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Larry Basich, a 62-year-old Vegas resident, has been stuck with the massive medical bill despite signing up for an insurance plan via the state exchange last fall. 

Basich, according to the article, selected a UnitedHealthcare plan in November, and even paid his first premium. But he never received confirmation that he was enrolled, despite being assured that he was by Nevada Health Link. 

Amid the confusion, Basich suffered a heart attack at the end of December, and had to undergo a triple bypass. Now, according to the Review-Journal, no insurer will claim his bills -- and he's caught in a financially frightening battle as he appeals to the exchange and its contractor, Xerox, for help. 

I can already anticipate the liberal "fact checker" argument: It's just a temporary snafu and eventually his bills will be covered by someone. Let's say for the sake of argument that it does indeed turn out that way, even though the story indicates that Xerox at the moment is "lawyering up." Why does that reduce even one iota the legitimacy of Basich's complaint? Before ObamaCare, he had perfectly good insurance and this wouldn't have even been an issue. Because of ObamaCare, he was thrown off his old insurnace and forced to sign up for this new one, which because of the technical nightmare of the state exchange, does not reflect that he paid his first month's premium or that he's covered.

Even if everything is eventually covered, he never should have had to go through this. People all across the country are experiencing similar nightmares, and while the liberal "fact checkers" brand them liars because - according to the stuff they found on the insurance company web sites, or according to what some insurance company PR flack told them - everything will be just fine. In so doing, they completely miss the larger point that before ObamaCare they would never have had to worry about anything.

So here's your new target. Larry Basich. Heart attack victim. Destroy this man! He threatens the priorities of the collective.

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